Our tribute to Hull's own Amy Johnson.


The Aviator’s Study is a unique escape room experience, perfect for teenagers and adults of all ages looking for a challenge. Inspired by flying pioneer Amy Johnson, the attraction lets players pit their wits against a series of puzzles and riddles in order to break out of the study before the time runs out. Teams have one hour to work the navigational tools, crack the codes and spring the locks.

Groups of 2-6 people

Difficulty rating: 4.0/5.0


Compile your team, evade the police and escape with a fortune.


The Bank Job gives players the opportunity to pull off the ultimate robbery. Not for the faint hearted, teams can pit their wits against a range of puzzles and overcome a series of challenges in order to crack the safe and grab the loot. The Bank Job tests mental, physical and lateral-thinking skills as teams have one hour to grab the largest possible haul. Groups of would-be master criminals need to operate as a one, delegating tasks and helping each other out. Just make sure you get out before the Old Bill arrives!

Groups of 2-6 people

Difficulty rating: 5.0/5.0


You're Nicked!


Do you have a strong competitive side? Then this is the live action adventure for you! Team work and clear communication are vital to your escape in 'Prison Break'. Take on the room as two teams split across four prison cells, competing against each other in Hull's first and only competition escape room. Both teams start at the same time and solve the exact same puzzles so there can be no doubt which group has the sharpest wits, the toughest nerve and best team work! 

Groups of 4-8 people

Difficulty rating: See below



Q: How difficult is it?
A: This depends! The most important part of 'Prison Break' is team work and communication. Teams who talk to each other and work together will quickly unravel the challenges - teams that don't communicate and work alone will find it tough.