We’re All Puzzled Sometimes
What is an Escape Room?

It’s a live-action adventure where you have to solve various puzzles, clues and riddles in order to escape from the room. Everything you need to work out the answers is right there with you but you and your team will need to communicate and work together in order to crack the codes and make your escape before the 60 minutes is up!

What room should I book?

Any one you want! All of our rooms have a difficulty rating in their descriptions so if you’d like to pick one based on your escape room experience then there’s no harm in that.

For first timers and families, we suggest ‘The Aviator’s Study’ – a fun, challenging, methodical room that won’t throw you in at the deep end!

For groups that have done a few escape rooms previously and fancy a challenge then ‘The Bank Job’ will give you just that. Our toughest room, how much loot will you get out of the vault before the cops arrive?

For those with a competitive side, ‘Prison Break’ is the one for you. Your group will be split into two teams and it’s a race to see which cell block can escape to freedom first. If you don’t communicate with your team mates, you’ll end up serving life!

‘The Lab’ takes you on a journey full of chemistry and criminal activity and, whilst not scary in any way, is rated PG.

For groups with kids, see further down for more info.

How do I book?

All booking are made via our website. Click here and you can view a live calendar for each room and pick the date and time that suits you. For last minute bookings, feel free to give us a call and we’ll try and squeeze you in.

Is it suitable for children?

For ‘The Aviator’s Study’ and ‘The Bank Job’, families are more than welcome. Note that the puzzles have been aimed at an older audience so anyone too young may find them difficult or not enjoyable. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone 8 years old or under can come along free of charge and won’t count towards numbers. They will struggle to solve the puzzles but will be able to get involved in other elements such as looking around and putting codes into padlocks. 

For ‘Prison Break’, due to the nature of the setup, the minimum age is 14 and older. Teens may take part in a group of 8 and must be paired up with an adult so you must have the same/more adults than kids in the group.

For ‘The Lab’, due to the nature of the theme, is rated PG and has a suggested minimum age of 13+ when accompanied by an adult.

We do have child-friendly versions of ‘The Aviator’s Study’ and ‘The Bank Job’ – perfect for kids parties. Check out our kids page here for more details.

How long does it take?

You need to arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time slot. This allows us to get you signed in and run through the house rules. You’ll have up to an hour in the room and we’ll grab a picture afterwards so set aside approx. 1hr 20mins in total.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nothing special. Just glasses if you wear them. Don’t forget your thinking cap, though!

Is it scary?

No! Think of it less like a haunted house and more like The Crystal Maze. It’s a fun and challenging experience of solving puzzles, riddles and clues working as part of a team.

What is the minimum/maximum group size?

‘The Aviator’s Study’ and ‘The Lab’ can hold 2-6 people. ‘Prison Break’ can hold 2-12 people. We have two identical versions of ‘The Bank Job’ which can each hold up to 6 people allowing up to 12 in total. Across all 5 escape rooms we can accommodate up to 36 people in an hour. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the available options with you.

Can I change/cancel my booking?

Each booking is for a live event. Due to the nature of our business, all bookings are final and refunds cannot be provided. Bookings can be changed for a different time/date free of charge if more than 30 days before the event date. Rearranging with less than 30 days until the event is subject to a fee.

Do you run team building events?

Absolutely! Communication and team work are key to escaping making it an ideal team building exercise. Visit our corporate page here or contact us for more details.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

We are located on the ground floor with step-free access via the main entrance. Please note that ‘Prison Break’ and ‘The Lab’ are not a wheelchair accessible rooms and we do not have wheelchair friendly bathrooms.


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