Four Unique Rooms to Experience



Inspired by the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’.

You and your team have been hired by a dangerous yet brilliant scientific genius. Your aim is to successfully make a valuable trade. A mission full of chemistry and criminal activity, if you keep the boss happy, you go free. If you let him down, you’d better run…

Group size: 2-6 people

Difficulty rating: 4/5


Great For First Timers & Families

What-ho chaps! You and your team of intrepid explorers are transported back in time to the 1920’s. Trapped in Amy Johnson’s study, your only way out is to pit your wits against a series of codes, puzzles and riddles to discover the key to freedom!

Group size: 2-6 people

Difficulty rating: 3.5/5


Family Version Now Available!

Ever thought what it would be like to rob a bank? Well here’s your chance! Compile your team of masterminds, crack the codes, and plan your escape. Once inside the vault, get as much loot as you can. But be careful – the police are only minutes away.

Group size: 2-6 people (2 rooms available)

Difficulty rating: Adult version: 5/5. Family version: 4/5


Great For Experienced Groups

YOU’RE NICKED! You and your gang will need team work and clear communication to make your escape from jail. Groups are split across multiple prison cells with teams 2-6 playing together and teams of 7-12 in competition with each other in a race to escape first!

Group size: 2-12 people

Difficulty rating: 4.5/5


These Groups Took On The Challenge. How Will You Do?


“Fantastic experience from start to finish. The members of staff were professional and friendly, and the room we went into -The Lab – was fantastically themed and the puzzles, while hard, were all solvable. Overall, would 100% recommend. Thank you for the great experience”

J Hamilton

“We had a fabulous time. This was our first ever experience of an escape room. Our group of 4 adults and 2 children, solved the Aviator’s study in 49 minutes 15 seconds. Everyone participated and the kids loved it! They can’t wait to do another room!”

L Moran

“Honestly don’t think I am able to say one bad word about this place. The staff were extremely friendly, helpful and kind, and they’ve put so much thought into the idea. My friends and I did the prison break room and I’m still shocked at how well planned out and organised each step and clue was. The way they have done it is so clever. It’s been less than 24 hours and I already am in the midst of planning to go two more times because it was so good. It’s great for all ages and you will have the best time.”

Alexandra P