Compile your team, evade the police and escape with a fortune.


The Bank Job gives players the opportunity to pull off the ultimate robbery. Not for the faint hearted, teams can pit their wits against a range of puzzles and overcome a series of challenges in order to crack the safe and grab the loot. The Bank Job tests mental, physical and lateral-thinking skills as teams have one hour to grab the largest possible haul. Groups of would-be master criminals need to operate as a one, delegating tasks and helping each other out. Just make sure you get out before the Old Bill arrives!

Groups of 2-12 people ( up to 6 in each room )

Difficulty rating: 5/5

We have two identical versions of 'The Bank Job' available. Each one can hold up to 6 people making it great for competitions and large groups. It also allows twice the amount of booking slots so if your time is taken for one, check the other!