All things being well, we’ll be reopening in May with the Rule of 6 in place.

When we are open, our Covid procedures are below:

We’ve had to make a number of changes to how we operate in order to keep our staff and our customers safe. Some of these changes you won’t notice on your visit but we want to give you the info should you need any reassurances.


We’re a pretty clean bunch as it goes. We’re proud of the cleaning policies that we already have in place but we’ve stepped it up a few gears in order to be Covid Secure.

  • All players will wash their hands or sanitise before and after each game.
  • We have extended the time given to reset and clean the games after use.
  • Staff will wear masks and disposable gloves whilst cleaning.
  • We’ve invested in an antibacterial spray that will sanitise anything it touches to get to the hard to reach areas.
  • Anything unnecessary in the rooms has been removed.
  • Each group will enter and leave the building at a set time.
  • Our game start times are now staggered. You will not cross paths with anyone outside your group because of this.
  • You will be briefed by a staff member who will maintain a safe distance and wear a face mask whilst doing so.
  • Your team will be required to wear a face covering whilst on site. Please bring one with you.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned more frequently. We do however recommend that you plan your visit as if we don’t have them in operation.


We have done everything possible to make sure your visit is as safe and Covid Secure as possible. We have followed all the available government advice and have completed the required covid workplace checklist and have updated our risk assessment accordingly.

Any policies and procedures in place at any business are never 100% risk free and by booking and playing you accept that all precautions are being taken. You and your group  also have a responsibility to uphold and add to these requirements and that failing to do so will result in your game being cancelled.

We’re all in this together. It’s not over yet but we’re beginning to get back to how things were. We’re glad you want to help us be a part of that.

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