The Perfect Team Building Activity

Escape rooms make for the perfect team building activity. Team work, communication and attention to detail are all vital if you and your team are to be successful. We can accommodate from groups of 2 up to 32 people in an hour across our 5 escape rooms.

Our Rooms

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Can you crack the codes and spring the locks in 'The Aviator's Study' before the time runs out?

Will you empty the vault in 'The Bank Job' before the cops show up?

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Can you and your cell mates hatch the perfect plan to escape from 'Prison Break'?

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Can you make the perfect trade in ‘The Lab’?

Competition Escape Rooms

Add a bit of 'friendly' competition to your team building event and compete in our two identical versions of 'The Bank Job'. Holding up to 12 people across both rooms, which team will flee the cops and loot the most money out of the vault?

Our 'Prison Break' escape room also offers competition with two groups of 4 battling against each other looking to pull off the ultimate escape!

Mobile Escape Room

All the fun of a live escape room comes to you! Our mobile escape room has been designed to be set up in almost any location. Transform your empty conference or training room into a great team building activity that will test the communication and problem solving skills of your staff in a totally different way!


There’s been a murder right on your doorstep.

It’s down to you to crack the case.

The catch?

You have just 12 minutes to analyse the evidence and make your arrest.

Can you put the pieces together before the time runs out?


Virtual Reality Zones

Entertain your staff or clients in the wonderful world of virtual reality. With our fully portable set up, our state of the art HTC VIVE headsets allow the wearer to fully immerse themselves in a whole range of environments and team building exercises. Our engaging and experienced staff will look after you throughout, taking you through our library of content ranging from fun and exciting games and experiences to problem solving and team building challenges to really get that grey matter working.

Check out the types of experiences we can offer below!

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